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July 14, 2022


In Melitopol, the occupiers are looking for traitors for salary, because they cannot find “pro-Ukrainian citizens”, i.e. the majority, willing to surrender.

The enemy called the vacancy “head of the information security department.” To become the head of the department of traitors, it is not necessary to have work experience and even education. You just need to let your neighbors know, preferably with a Ukrainian passport.


































The vacancy does not indicate how much the enemy will pay and what the rate is in general: constant or for each applicant separately. Well, such vacancies are more indicative of the desperation of the occupiers to find partisans, because almost every “pro-Ukrainian citizen” in the Ukrainian city.

It will be recalled that the Center of National Resistance reported that the occupiers are having problems finding collaborators in the south.

Source: https://sprotyv.mod.gov.ua/2022/07/14/okupanty-ne-mozhut-znajty-zradnykiv-v-melitopoli/

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