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Significant media coverage exists for the Battle of Hostomel, as the eyes of the world were watching it unfold in realtime thanks to the thousands of Netizens and media covering and posting about the battle, including Russian GoPro video of the assault and ongoing battle.

Antonov’s leadership sabotaged defense of Hostomel airport, report says (https://news.yahoo.com/antonovs-leadership-sabotaged-defense-hostomel-222800895.html)

Ukrainian soldier reflects on pivotal battle at Hostomel Airfield (https://www.cbsnews.com/video/ukraine-war-hostomel-airfield-battle-russia-one-year-later/) It has been one year since Russia invaded Ukraine. As the fighting continues, Ukraine’s defense of Hostomel Airfield at the beginning of the war remains a key moment in the country’s defense CBS News foreign correspondent Charlie D’Agata spoke with a solider who fought in the battle that may have changed the course of the war.

11th Guards Air Assault Brigade – Ulan-Ude (https://www.globalsecurity.org/military/world/russia/11-abn.htm)

Five Brave Ukrainian MiG Pilots Blunted the Russian Attack On Kyiv On Day One Of The War. Not All Of Them Survived. (https://www.forbes.com/sites/davidaxe/2022/12/09/five-brave-ukrainian-mig-pilots-blunted-the-russian-attack-on-kyiv-on-day-one-of-the-war-not-all-of-them-survived/?sh=4499d6d36711)

The Kremlin had a bold—some might say reckless—plan for swiftly defeating the Ukrainian armed forces and toppling the government in Kyiv. The plan, involving simultaneous heliborne and armored assaults on Kyiv, ultimately failed.

Ukrainian border guards, local territorial troops and fighter pilots fought hard in the first hours of the Russian assault starting in the early morning hours on Feb. 24. They succeeded in slowing the Russians and buying time for Ukrainian reinforcements to arrive.

But many of them, including Ukrainian air force MiG-29 pilot Lt. Col. Vyacheslav Yerko, died in the fight.

Yerko’s story in particular is a window into those heady early hours of Feb. 24, when the Russian gambit for a short war came close to succeeding—and then spectacularly backfired.

The Russian rockets and missiles struck first. Long-range munitions rained down on Ukrainian bases and airfields. Among the targets in the pre-dawn hours was Vasylkiv air base, 20 miles southwest of central Kyiv.

Vasylkiv is home to the 40th Tactical Aviation Brigade, one of four brigades operating Ukraine’s roughly 50 twin-engine, supersonic Mikoyan MiG-29 fighters.

The rockets and missiles the Russian lobbed at Vasylkiv that first night failed to damage the base or its resident fighters. Tipped off by U.S. intelligence, the Ukrainian air force had spread out its jets, complicating Russian targeting.

Russian soldiers drop from sky at edge of Kyiv. AFP – Feb 24,2022 – Last updated at Feb 26,2022


Satellite images show Russian troops have withdrawn from Antonov Airport outside Kyiv


Russian and Ukrainian forces were on Thursday battling for an airbase on the northern outskirts of Kyiv…