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2024-02-05by Sun Tzu0

Join Radio Free Ukraine and NGO partners for a VIRTUAL TAILGATE PARTY on Superbowl Sunday and hosts Ukrainian Sergeant Yurii Hundych, a legend in Ukrainian football and defense, as he teams with Perry Blackburn, renowned US Army retired Special Forces Lieutenant Colonel aka Green Beret as they talk Football and the war in Ukraine. Explore the intersection of sportsmanship and military leadership in their talks, showcasing how the Fellowship Flag Football Roadshow builds bridges between nations, bringing together warfighters for a unique exchange of insights, fellowship and fun.

Support the Ukrainian Diaspora in a charity fundraising auction to support American subject matter experts who volunteer their time, talent and treasure to train the trainers who were once civilians and were forced to become citizen soldiers and defenders of Ukraine.

US Army Green Berets are the one’s who were training the Ukrainian warfighters before the 2022 invasion. When the US Army pulled out, LTC Blackburn (12 Strong Horse Soldiers, 1st boots on ground in Afghanistan after 9.11) and the Jedburgh’s, went in on humanitarian and force protection missions as NGO 501c3s.

This tailgate is about Football and Veteran2Veteran grassroots global security project #USAStandsWithUkraine started by UA Infantry Reserve Sublieutenant Kateryna Koval.

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