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July 9, 2022

Let’s talk about the passportization of the Russian Federation, namely why it is the enemy, how he creates the prerequisites for it and what it threatens those who still agreed to receive the red paper.

By issuing their pieces of paper, which in Russia are called “passports”, the occupier pursues a number of goals. The main one is the legalization of the occupation. 

First. If passports are distributed, then Russian propaganda will be able to further promote the narrative that Russians live in the region. Accordingly, it can be said that the legend about their oppression is superimposed on this layer.

Second. Passports give Russians data that they then use to organize a pseudo-referendum. This “referendum” is not recognized by any civilized country in the world, as they were not recognized by the referendums in eastern Ukraine or Crimea. However, for the Russians themselves, it works for internal propaganda.

The third factor is manpower. In the case of men, the Russian passport is the basis for mobilization, which the Russians are actively conducting in the occupied territories. The Russians have almost exhausted all resources in the so-called DPR and LPR, therefore, are already preparing for mobilization in the south of Ukraine .


The Russians fail at all paces for passporting the population of the occupied regions of the south, and yet there are those who receive this waste paper. There is a percentage who do it voluntarily, i.e. collaborators. No matter how Russian propaganda draws queues, the percentage of marginals is clearly insufficient. Therefore, even an artificial picture is quite funny. 

Therefore, the Russians are artificially creating a social and food crisis in the occupied territories. In particular, they block the receipt of Ukrainian pensions and other budget payments. That is, leaving vulnerable sections of the population of any social assistance. In this way, people are forced to get a passport. Even humanitarian aid is provided in exchange for obtaining a passport.

In fact, the Russians are holding people hostage, because it is not possible to leave the occupied territories directly to Ukraine either, only through Crimea, and such a trip costs money, which not everyone has. Therefore, low-income people are forced to stay in the occupied territories and are left without means of livelihood. The only way out for those who did not leave or were not tortured in the basement is to get a passport.

But Ukrainians under occupation are still putting up heroic resistance. Despite Russian terror, people continue to sabotage passporting. 


However, the passport will not save its owner from the suffering of the occupation. For the occupiers, men of draft age, who became owners of red waste paper, become a new resource for replenishing manpower.

At the same time, even a Russian “passport” does not make a Ukrainian a Russian, and the enemy knows this. That is why Ukrainians are sent to the front like cannon fodder. Without proper training and equipment. Every resident of the so-called can tell more about this. DNR and LNR, or their widows and mothers would say better.

Also, the owner of the “passport” is subject to Russian legislation. The same one, where you can go to jail just for posting about the war for 7 years, and banks were allowed to set negative rates on currency deposits.

Russian waste paper is a prisoner’s ID. Its owner cannot leave the Kremlin-controlled territory with it. The paper is not recognized by anyone and is the anchor in this open-air hospice. Total sabotage can save from this, accordingly, the resistance that is currently continuing in the occupied territories and the Armed Forces. The last ones are near.

Source: https://sprotyv.mod.gov.ua/2022/07/09/pasportyzacziya-vbyvaye/

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